Answering Your FAQs

What is Communitas America?

Communitas America is a social impact firm that develops impact ecosystems in under-resourced communities by supporting Changemakers, Social enterprises, and nonprofits through our LIVE, WORK, and LEARN model.

How Did We Start?

Communitas America was founded by Kyungsun Chung in 2017. It is a sister organization of Root Impact in South Korea.  Communitas America was first started as a fiscal sponsor project under Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors. Kyungsun is on the Board of RPA.

What is Our Vision and Mission?

Our mission is to develop impact ecosystems in under-resourced communities. Our vision is a world that is made up of sustainable, equitable, local communities.

How Are We Achieving This?

We want to develop and equip the individuals to become Changemakers of their own community and bring the change they want to see. We are doing this through our LIVE, WORK, and LEARN model.

What Are Our Values?

  • Changemakers and Social Impact First

  • Empathize with Changemakers

  • Be Adventurous to Challenge the Status Quo

  • Be Passionate and Have Fun

  • Take Initiative and Play Your Game

  • Make a REAL Difference

  • Build Relationships of Trust

  • Respect the Difference and Embrace Diversity

  • Get together to make a better world, faster!

What is an Impact Ecosystem?

An Impact Ecosystem is a community of Changemakers operating in collaboration towards a collective social impact of the community. Key stakeholders of the impact ecosystem include Changemakers, Social Enterprises, Nonprofits, Collaborative Workspaces, Meetups,  and the local Government.

An impact ecosystem has been developed when there is a established understanding within the community of the roles that different stakeholders play and refer to each other towards accelerating their roles.

What is a Changemaker?

Changemakers are individuals who take creative action to solve social problems in their community and around the world.

What is a Social Enterprise?

A Social Enterprise is a for-profit or non-profit entity that seeks to create a positive social or environmental impact through a sustainable business model.

What is Communitas Bronx?

Communitas Bronx is a sub-division of Communitas America that helps Changemakers to resolve some of the Bronx's toughest issues. Communitas Bronx will support their Changemakers through special accelerator programs and Heyground at the Hub, a newly renovated co-working space.

Are You Ready?

Your idea can impact an under resourced community. Take your next steps with Communitas Bronx!

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