in Changemakers

Social entrepreneurs creating impact in their communities.

Communitas America aims to develop sustainable resources within under-resourced communities by addressing persistent and systemic lack of access to economic and social opportunities. We are
investing in and empowering local changemakers, social entrepreneurs and grass-root leaders who create positive changes within their own communities. We believe in building a network of local expertise and entrepreneurial talent that creates accessible resources to address community needs.


Communitas America’s mission is to enable changemakers in local underserved communities to sustain and thrive.  We believe that investing in changemakers rooted in local communities can drive innovation and positive social change, thus creating a social impact ecosystem whereby every changemaker is empowered and in turn inspires others. 

Our Mission

We develop impact ecosystems that equip Changemakers in under-resourced communities that equip Changemakers to tackle entrenched inequalities that impeded economic inclusion and raise up community solutions. 

Our Vision

A world with inclusive, diverse, and sustainable local neighborhoods

Core Values

  1. Community lies at the Forefront

  2. Collaborate together to build impact

  3. Acknowledge what came before you

  4. Innovate and adapt to change

  5. Offer honest, open, and transparent questions

  6. Trust the process and humbly value feedback

  7. Celebrate the strength and contributions of our communities.