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Communitas America Announces Communitas Ventures Cohort 6 Entrepreneurs

Updated: Apr 6

Communitas America is happy to announce the 20 ventures selected to participate in the 6th Cohort of the Communitas Ventures, a social impact accelerator program. This program is designed for social changemakers with creative and innovative ideas to create positive change in their communities. The following entrepreneurs showed community commitment, changemaker potential, a social impact creation plan and a sustainable business model that we believe will accelerate a vibrant and just economy.

“It is amazing to see more women and entrepreneurs of color tackling social issues with a business idea. These businesses are thriving and we hope to be a small step in their successful journeys.” Esmeralda Herrera, Director of Programs and Community Relations.

The entrepreneurs will spend the following 3 months connecting with fellow social entrepreneurs and developing business development skills to prepare them for a viable and operational social business within 6 months of completing the program.

The Communitas Ventures Cohort 6 entrepreneurs will pitch their ideas during a Demo Day in mid-June. Stay tuned for more details!

Here are our Cohort 6 entrepreneurs:

Lead by venture name

Art Defined Productions, founder Amira Mustapha

Bronx Institute for Urban Systems, founder Cesar Yoc

Collective Healing, founder Syrretta Martin

Danzartes Inc., founder Yasmar Cruz

First Tech Fund, founder Josue De Paz

Foodstream Network, founders Johanna Salazar, Bibiana Salazar and Richard Cumming

Happy Healthy Latina Inc, founder Yadira Garcia

Hera Health Solutions, founder Idicula Mathew

Journy, founder Darrell Bennett

KBM Medicinal Spices and Things, founders Faye Bonas, Ana Morán and Renee Keitt

Mott Haven Film Festival, founder Ninoska Alvarez

Nooks House, founder Chanookie Coit

Robleswrites Productions, founder Peggy Robles-Alvarado

Start Lighthouse, founder Rina Madhani

The Bronx Can, founder Jenn Fernandez

The Bronx Gaming Network, founder Rudy Blanco

The Infinite Seeds Foundation, founder Takisha Dozier

The Thinkubator, founder Edward Summers,

Trek the Bronx, founder Tanesha Jackson

Wilde, founder Concetta Gleason

Here’s what Communitas America team thinks about the program/is excited about:

“I am excited about these inspiring founders in our 6th Cohort joining our growing impact community.” Edward Greenwood, Strategic Partnerships Manager

“This is our biggest class yet and our most diverse in terms of the type of businesses and the potential for impact in their communities. I am excited to get to know them and see where their journey takes them.” Pres Adams, Head of Operations and Member Experience

“I’m looking forward to learning more about each entrepreneur and their mission. Each entrepreneur has a different force driving them and it’s wonderful to see the collaborations that come about from this cross-pollination of folks creating social change in their own unique way.” Alison Yanez-McKay, Communications Manager

About Communitas America

Our mission is to enable changemakers in local underserved communities to sustain and thrive. We believe that investing in changemakers rooted in local communities can drive innovation and positive social change, thus creating a social impact ecosystem whereby every changemaker is empowered and in turn inspires others.

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